Welcome to Capitol Media USA! We are a company of freelance photographers and writers. We specialize in events, portraits, head shots, weddings, animals, products and most of everything else. Our team specializes in different kinds of photography and we also have a huge interest in philanthropy and programs that support the community.

We are passionate about telling the story of your event, your wedding, your business or even the story of your eyes... all through the lens. We combine formal photography education with years of experience in photojournalism and artistic photography, to bring you the very best in photography.

We’re easy going on, yet still bring high energy in our work styles. If you represent a non-profit, ask us about our specialized non-profit rates. Our clients have included high-profile projects with corporate companies and celebrities to community organizations and expectant mothers. The list is extensive, but it won't be complete without YOU!

Let’s chat and see how we can collaborate!